About us

The year was 1997.
Macedonia, a country in transition, and we were craving for music.
The beginnings of our group are tightly connected with the following names: Nikola Perevski, Aco Bogdanovski, Vladimir Krstevski and Kiril Kolemishevski.
Or, be it as it may: Pere, Aco Konga, Franc and Kiro.
We started as “TIME OUT”, but shortly after, we rebranded the name in “NOKAUT”.

So here we are.
We were lucky to have written the music history, and it was obvious that our audience shared that happiness with us.

For 5 years, this foursome was living for the stage only. And on the stage, too.The group has released two albums: “Nokaut” (Knockout) and “Do posleden zdiv” (Till the last breath). They worked with AVALON production, and they also collaborated with the managers Milorad Caik Cajo and Martin Trpchevski, the music geniuses Kornelije Kovach and his daughters Kristina and Aleksandra, as well as with Darko Dimitrov, Aleksandar Ristovski-Princ, Karolina Gocheva, Toshe Proeski, Risto Vrtev, Mite Dimovski, Ante Pecotik… Nokaut has dedicated plenty of songs, received various prizes, lived through wonderful and crazy times…
Up until 2002 when the calm prevailed.

But that was only the calm before the storm!
In 2005, we made a comeback as much younger in spirit, with more members and ready for numerous live performances. The only people who returned from the former group were Pere and Franc, and the latter said his final goodbye to NOKAUT in 2015.
At the very beginning, we had a guitar backup from Luaj Redzepov, to whom we are gratefully thankfulfrom the depths of our hearts for every single accord he played with us 🙂
Now, our group counts 7 members: Nikola Perevski, Gorjan Petrovski, Bojan Perevski, Viktor Nikolovski, Borche Kuzmanovski, Blagoja Antovski and Goran Kavrakov.
Or, be it as it may: Pere, Goki, Bojan, Vichi, Boro, Bage and Gorancho.
Even though many things have changed meanwhile (except for the transition), we are incredibly happy to be able to commit ourselves to the story of NOKAUT. There were and will be knockouts, but luckily not enough to knock us out!
We have recorded another album “Tri” (Three), we released two more albums – NOKAUT Deluxe and NOKAUT Unplugged Live Skopje MOB 2011, and we held 3 independent, huge concerts in Skopje – Metropolis Arena (2011), Universal Hall (2014) and Arena Boris Trajkovski (2015). We worked with Igor Dzambazov, Toni Zen, Toni Mihajlovski, Tavitijan brothers, Gorilla Production. We also performed on the same stage with DURAN DURAN, Johnny Rotten and Joe Cocker…

And here we are, in 2017 we are going to celebrate the 20-th jubilee. And we still live for the stage

And on the stage.

And we are not planning to stop…