Blagoja Antovski (Bage) – the drummer in NOKAUT since 2006.

He plays all percussion instruments (xylophone, marimba, vibraphone, timpani and ctr.) and he can play the piano, too. He tried himself in many music genres. As a private tutor, he puts his drumming knowledge across to children learning to play drums at the private school of music “Enterprise”

Blagoja was born on April 7, 1983 in Skopje. At the age of 12, he started playing the piano, under the supervision of maestro Tomislav Shopov, with whom he was working for 4 years.
After finishing the high school of music “Ilija Nikolovski-Luj” in Skopje, Blagoja enrolled the faculty of Music and Arts in Skopje, section- percussion instruments.

While he was still at high school, i.e. in 1999 he became a member of the hard core band SMUT, which successfully “leaves the heart on stage” to this very day. From 2005 to 2006 he is part of the music group Crimson Sunrise.

In 2006, Blagoja was invited to join the reshaped and expanded band NOKAUT, where he still plays the central rhythmical role.

You can hear his rhythms in the bands The Black and Vice Social Club and Fleka. He has been collaborating with the following names: Karolina Gocheva, Damir Imeri, Ivan Ivanov, DJ Goce (SAF), Toni Zen, Next Time, Arhangel, Legijata, Da Dzaka Nakot, Skit Skitara and Slatkaristika.


  • Until the Road is a Dead End – The Black and Vice Social Club (2015)
  • Makedonsko devojce 2 (Macedonian girl)– Karolina Gocheva (2014)
  • Nokaut 3 (Knockout) – Nokaut (2014)
  • Memoarite na skrsheniot chovek (The memoirs of the broken man) – SMUT (2012)
  • Prirachnik za moderna vojna (A manual for modern war)– Da Dzaka Nakot (2008)
  • All I have – SMUT (2007)
  • Forever is not enough – SMUT (2003)
  • Smut – SMUT (2000)
  • Recorded songs/singles for Aleksandar Mitevski, Bertan Aslani, Leana Takji…


  • Nokaut, Boris Trajkovski – Skopje (2015)
  • Karolina Gocheva (6 concerts), МОB – Skopje (2014)
  • SMUT (18 year anniversary), Havana Club – Skopje (2014)
  • Arhangel, Boris Trajkovski – Skopje (2013)
  • Karolina Unplugged, Universal Hall – Skopje (2013)
  • Toni Zen, Boris Trajkovski – Skopje (2012)
  • Nokaut, Metropolis Arena– Skopje (2012)
  • Tavitjan Brothers, Philip II Arena – Skopje (2012)
  • SMUT, Exit – Novi Sad (2010)
  • Slatkaristika, Metropolis Arena– Skopje (2010)
  • Nokaut Unplugged, MOB – Skopje (2007)
  • More than 300 concerts around Macedonia and more than 50 concerts abroad (Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Slovenia, Romania, Turkey, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and ctr.)


  • Copenhagen 2003, chamber music, first place
  • Skopje 2003, state competition – solo percussions, first place
  • Sofia 1999, chamber music, first place

Blagoja is happily married with Anja and he is a father of Borjan.