Bojan Perevski – percussions, mouth harmonica and backing vocal in NOKAUT since 2006.

He was born on December 28, in Skopje.

It was at the age of six when he started playing violin at the school of music “Ilija Nikolovski – Luj” in Skopje, in the rank of the professor Paskal Nikolovski – violin and professor Nada Gaik – solfeggio.

In 1989, Bojan performed together with the children’s choir at MRTV and took part in the SI-DO festival as a choir boy.

1996 was the year when he started his music career as a drummer within the Macedonian rock music group FAN STOR, which was performing at many night clubs around Macedonia. The group participated as well at the festivals “Fevruarski Rok Pohod” (February Rock expedition) and “Pop Rok Fest 1997” (Pop Rock Fest 1997).

In 1999, he took the part of a vocalist, arranger and producer in the pop funk band “Fank Of” (Funk Off) with which he recorded 3 singles at the studio of Dimitrovi in collaboration with the producers Oliver and Darko Dimitrov.

In 2000, he collaborated with Fani and Toni Zen as a producer.

In 2002, Bojan founded the band PLAYGROUND together with Zoran Kostadinovski (guitar), Angel Micevski (drums) and Marjan Gievski (guitar) with whom he recorded a few singles such as: CHEKORI (STEPS), SEKJAVANJE I SONCE (REMEMBRANCE AND SUN) AND HAZARDNA IGRA (HAZARDOUS GAME). PLAYGROUND acted as a support band at the independent concert of the Macedonian rock group D.N.O.

In 2004, Bojan was a leading singer for the cover band PR together with Gorjan Petrovski (guitar), Igor Kik (drums), Gorjan Gochka (bass) and Meto (guitar).

In 2005, he was hired as a composer, arranger and producer of the Multimedia issue by Bozhidar Barlakoski Zimski entitled “Koga kravite ke si odat doma” (Till the cows come home)

In 2006, he became a member of the reshaped NOKAUT, as a percussionist, mouth harmonica and backing vocal.

In 2001, Bojan was one of the organizers of the concert NOKAUT UNPLUGGED that took part in Koloseum, and a couple of months later he was one of the organizers of the huge concert NOKAUT UNPLUGGED which took part at Metropolis Arena in Skopje, on December 28, 2011.

Bojan was also one of the organizers of the two consecutive concerts NOKAUT UNPLUGGED at the Universal Hall in 2014.

Apart from an organizer of the above-mentioned concerts , Bojan acted as a performer in NOKAUT.

He is happily married with Aneta and a father of Stefan and Neda.

At the moment, he is working and living in the United Arab Emirates.