Borche Kuzmanovski (Boro) – a keyboard player in NOKAUT since 2006.

Born on April 4, 1987 in Skopje.

Since he was 3, he showed affection for music, his favorite instruments being piano, drums and violin.

He studied trombone at а primary music school. He carried on studying music at the high school Ilija Nikolovski – Luj in Skopje. Along with high school, he visited an online course Gospel neo soul for piano rhodes and hammond organ. Afterwards, he studied jazz piano at the jazz academy in Shtip

Boro is a multi-instrumentalist. He has been collaborating with almost all music artists from the Macedonia music scene, ranging from from pop-rock and jazz to the alternative hard-core music.

He was an active member of the bands Fleka, Barbarela and Karolina Gocheva band.

Since 2006, his mother band has been NOKAUT where he rules the keyboard.

He was hired as a producer and sound designer of the album “Tavitjan Brothers play classics” released by Croatia Records.

COLLABORATIONS WITH MUSIC ARTISTS: Karolina Gocheva, Igor Dzambazov, Toni Zen, Gjoko Tanevski, Biba Dodeva, Eva Nedinkovska, Elena Risteska, Rebeka, Aleksandar Ristovski Princ, Tamara Todevska, Vlatko Ilievski, Trajko Simonovski Taci, Toshe Proeski, Kristina Arnaudova, Dani

the choir Zlata Meglenska, Aleksandra Pileva, Aneta Kachurkova and ctr.

GUEST IN THE FOLLOWING BANDS: Muger Fuger – two albums, and Smut – two albums, one song in each.

Borche has worked on music for film, drama and radio-drama, and his portfolio includes more than 500 personal compositions, songs for commercials, film, trailers, promo videos, games and ctr. He collaborated with both foreign and home corporations for music and samples.