NOKAUT has its own honorary members. People without whom many of our plans and dreams would not come through. Friends and associates who have supported us one way or the other, for whom we are grateful from the depth of our hearts. Our respect for:

Macedonian Radio Television
Darko Dimitrov
Oli Dimitrov
Evgenij Karevski – Geni
Zoran Popovski
Aneta Perevska
Sanja Bozinovska
Aleksandar Sarievski
Vlatko Chachorovski
Mihaela Perevska
Sinisha Eftimov
Vasko Zoltiot
Bane Tomato
Andrej Marjanovik (logo design)

Boban i Daniel Miloshevski
Anita i Iskra (Kamnik winery)
Stojche (EOS MAtrix)
Sefer (FON University)
Login (Password production)
Filip (Infomedia)
Irina Tosheva
Vasil Buraliev

Special gratitude to our collaborators behind the objective:
Kristijan Teodorov
Aleksandar Ivanovski
Dimitar Petrovski
Miladin Papovik
Vladimir Ristevski
Dimitar Apostolov
Kire Galevski

An honest THANK YOU to the media that always finds place for NOKAUT, especially to our dear friends from:
Radio Bubamara
Kajgana media
Muzichki registar
Antenna 5
Sky radio
Kanal 77
Radio Slobodna Makedonija
Stisni Play

In the very end, all the buzz about NOKAUT would not be the same without our families and loved ones, who have the most deserved place in the history of NOKAUT. They are both the most rigorous critics and the most vociferous supporters of our work. And, of course, let’s not forget our fans – our biggest support for almost 20 years! STAY WITH US!