Nikola Perevski – a vocalist, a guitarist and the founder of NOKAUT from 1997.

РNikola was born on March 24, 1978 in Skopje. Music has been his vocation for more than 20 years. As a producer, composer, singer, sound engineer and multi-instrumentalist, he composes music for albums, commercials and movies. Nikola has his own studio for recording, mixing, mastering and production of albums for different music genres.
He started his music education at the age of 5, when he enrolled at а primary school of music in Skopje. Since then, music is his main preoccupation. He finished high school in MBUC “Ilija Nikolovski Luj” and at the moment, he is studying audio production of electronic music and composition at the renowned SAE Institute in Barcelona, Spain.

As a teenager, Nikola was part of a few music bands, one of which is Aperitiv, but the crucial overturn in his life comes with the start of NOKAUT, in 1997. The foundation of the group can be mostly attributed to Nikola’s friendship with Darko Dimitrov, who is now a well-known Macedonian producer and composer. Vladimir Krstevski – Franc is the first member of the older lineup. Then, we have Kiril Kolemishevski and Aco Bogdanovski Konga with whom he performed until 2003, when the members had officially separated.

After the creative break of 3 years, Pere founded the new generation of NOKAUT in 2006, with which he still performs and composes.

Together with NOKAUT, Nikola released three studio albums: “Nokaut” (Knockout), “Do posleden zdiv” (Till the last breath and “Tri” (Three) and held multitudinous concerts. Alongside with that, he participated in many humanitarian events and won significant awards.

As a front man of NOKAUT, Nikola Perevski performed on the same stage with the legendary British group DURAN DURAN, in Skopje, in July 2012. NOKAUT was special guest at the concert. With his mother band, Nikola shared the same stage with the punk legend Johnny Rotten (Sex Pistols) at the festival Skopje Gori (Skopje Burns) where Johnny performed with PIL.

1997 – The best stage performance “Makfest”, with the song “Fatalna opsesija” (Fatal obsession)
1998 – NOKAUT was pronounced as “Teenage attraction”.
1998 – Band of the year
1999 – Band of the year
2001 – “Do posleden zdiv” (Till the last breath) was pronounced as the album of the year at the most popular music show in Macedonia “Zlatna bubamara na popularnosta”
2001 – He was the author of the song “Od nas zavisi” (It depends on us), sung by Karolina Gocheva, for which he was awarded Grand Prix at the Macedonian choice of song for the Eurovision Song Contest. Apart from an author, Nikola Perevski took part at the Eurovision in Talin as a backing vocal of Karolina.
2001 – With Pere’s song “Kazi mi” (“Tell me”), Karolina Gocheva won the second place at the music festival Sunchane Skale in Herceg Novi, in Montenegro
2012 –At the music show “Zlatna bubamara na popularnosta”, the concert Unplugged, which took part in Metropolis Arena, in 2011, was pronounced as the concert of the year.
Mars 2013 – An absolute radio hit “Zapomni toa e se shto imame” (Remember: that is all we have).

Darko Dimitrov, Kristina and Aleksandra Kovach, Kornelije Kovach, Toshe Proeski, Karolina Gocheva, Aleksandar Ristovski Princ, Darko Gelev-Brejk, Tijana Dapchevik, Igor Dzambazov, Avalon Production, Garo i Diki Tavitijan, Song Killers, DNO, Toni Mihajlovski, Risto Vrtev and many more famous music names from Macedonia and the Balkans.

In 2014, Nikola Perevski was a backing vocal to Tijana Dapchevikj on Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen, Denmark.

At the moment, he is living and composing in Barcelona, Spain.